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Counterpoint Software
Flowers Forever
Long Beach Tennis Center
Counterpoint Software
Service rendered: evaluation
Site goals: informational, branding

Counterpoint Software developed ground-breaking software for radio networks and radio stations that quickly became the industry standard.

It's web site, however, had a home grown look.

This, coupled with confusing and unnecessarily deep navigation cast an unprofessional shadow on this visionary company.

Additionally, Counterpoint's products and impressive client list were not being properly showcased.

"Everything discussed in the evaluation was right on.

We are now focused on a re-design that incorporates the remedies recommended by Usability Medic"
- Jim Foley, President

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Flowers Forever
Service rendered: evaluation
Site goals: e-commerce, lead generation

Several serious usability issues were identified before they could cost Flowers Forever unhappy visitors and disappointing sales.

With just a few pages developed, Flowers Forever was not sure the site was progressing as needed. And they were right.

Flowers Forever's unique product line needed to be clearly explained right upfront but wasn't.

And, design was taking precedence over function, resulting in unreadable text, confusing navigation and an unbalanced use of page real estate.

"We were unhappy with the first developer's work, not because it wasn't graphically pleasing but because we suspected the site wasn't conveying our business and our products in a way that would maximize sales.

Usability Medic pointed out, in detail, problems with the site design and functionality, providing us with knowledge and benchmarks for gauging the work from the new development firm we hired."
- E. K., Chief Marketing Officer

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Long Beach Tennis Center
Service rendered: site development
Site goals: specifically no e-commerce, densely informational so visitor inquiries are minimized

Initial development had a home grown look, a lack of useful navigation and an inconsistent presentation of the large volume of information carried within the site.

It was imperative that the body of information be complete, and logically and consistently laid out, or the site goal of minimizing email traffic and questions from visitors would not have been accomplished.

"Usability Medic really listened to our internal needs and married those needs with a content structure that offers our visitors a consistent, easy to navigate myriad of information and downloadable items and yet, still manages to successfully showcase our specialty items.

We are thoroughly pleased with the site, not only from a design standpoint, but because it has minimized both email and phone inquiries.

Additionally, the site is engaging and imaginative leading to more traffic and positive word-of-mouth"
- Patty Linton, Managing Partner

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